How Africa’s Mobile Revolution Is Disrupting The Continent

Twitter, Facebook and crisis mapping technologies such as Ushahidi have helped mobilize communities and improve government responsiveness to the plight of young people. As smartphones lower information barriers across Africa, young people are empowering themselves by self organizing into influential youth online communities and demanding better leadership. ‘African iTunes’ targets mobile users The future of mobile technology in Africa Mobile phones are revolutionizing financial services in Africa. Much has been written about M-PESA’s runaway success in Kenya — a true global success story in the field of mobile payments with over 18 million active users. In East Africa, mobile banking has leapfrogged traditional banking, enabling previously unbanked consumers to receive remittances and also to send money to their loved ones. In Africa’s largest mobile phone market with over 120 million subscribers, Nigeria, a startup company , Pag a is quickly dominating the country’s nascent mobile payments scene, growing by an estimated 847% in its first full year of operation. The company’s potential scale is massive given the number of mobile subscribers in Africa’s second largest economy.


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